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Turkey’s Remarkable Change in the Global Innovation Index in 2022

The Global Innovation Index Report (“Index”) is an annual ranking of countries by their capacity for, and success in, innovation which is published annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The Index of 2022 has been published on WIPO’s website in recent months. See here for the Index of 2022. In this briefing, we will touch on outstanding changes which were observed for Turkey in the Index.

Turkey’s (Türkiye) position in the Index

The Global Innovation Index ranks world economies based on their innovation capabilities. In the 2021 Index, Turkey was in 41st place overall and made a big jump into the top 50. It can be observed that Turkey moved up 4 places this year, to 37th place which was its first time entering the top 40.

The Index showed that apart from China, there were only four other middle-income economies among the top 40 economies for innovation, one of them being Turkey. Turkey has notably improved its ranking in the last 2 years which led to an increasingly significant potential for transforming the global innovation landscape.

In 2022, Turkey topped the North Africa and West Asia region in Creative Outputs (15th) and ranked 4th worldwide in Intangible Assets, becoming a global leader in the indicators of Industrial Designs (1st), Trademarks (6th), and Intangible Asset Intensity (15th). In 2021, Turkey ranked 35th in Creative Outputs, 18th worldwide in Intangible Assets, 5th in Industrial Designs, and 6th in Trademarks. Turkey maintained its 24th place in Patents but moved up from 20th to 17th in the Utility Model Applications. However, Turkey managed to maintain its place in the last year in Patent Applications, Patent Applications Made To At Least Two Different Institutions, International Patent Applications, and Trademark Applications.

The Index consists of almost 80 indicators which are divided into two groups: innovation inputs and outputs. In GII 2022, some economies were found to be very efficient at converting innovation inputs into outputs. Among the upper middle-income class, Turkey (37th) has outputs that can be compared to high-income economies such as Australia (25th), even though Turkey has fewer inputs. In 2022, Turkey performed better in innovation outputs rather than innovation inputs. This year Turkey ranked 49th in innovation inputs, lower than last year. However, for innovation outputs, Turkey ranked 33rd which is higher than both 2021 and 2020.

That being said, the report has shown that Turkey has the potential to experience an innovation performance increase similar to that of China in the coming years.

Tuana Özbal

IP Analyst


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